5 programming languages ​​every developer should master

5 programming languages ​​every developer should master
5 programming languages ​​every developer should master

I read somewhere that a programmer should learn one new programming language every year… But if you cannot do that, I advise you to learn at least the following five languages: it will help you in your career.

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All companies love well-rounded polyglot programmers who can both whip up a script and write a complex Java program. In fact, it is believed that a senior developer must know more than one language.

Interviewers focus more on engineers who have good experience with different languages, such as C ++ and Java or Python and Java.

Personally, I like engineers with good experience in C ++ or Java who can also write scripts in Groovy, Perl, or Python.

A small script is often a quick and good enough solution for specific tasks. Therefore, I would not want my programmer to kill all day to write a program in Java to read CSV files or collect messages from a TCP / UDP port.

Why did I choose these five programming languages? My reasons are simple and practical. I chose languages ​​based on their usage, paradigm, and popularity.

For example, if you want to do application development, you cannot ignore Java. And JavaScript in general is used all over the Internet.

I’m pretty sure developers should learn C early in their careers because it will help them get closer to the system and understand the key programming ideas that are often hidden behind the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) or CLR (Common Language Runtime).

I chose Python as my scripting language, although you can replace it with Perl or Groovy. Although, when it comes to online support, Python is great too. There are many Python modules available that can get you done in a matter of minutes.

Likewise, learning one object-oriented and one functional programming language like Haskell or Scala will broaden your horizons and develop your programming flair. Next, I will outline more reasons for learning the 5 programming languages ​​I have chosen. Among them will be presented object-oriented, functional and scripting languages, offering low-level control, and a language widely used in backend development.

1. Java

Java has been one of the most popular programming languages ​​for the past two decades. She literally rules the world of server application development. This language has a significant place in the development of mobile games and applications for Android, as well as in the world of corporate web development.

5 programming languages ​​every developer should master 2
5 programming languages ​​every developer should master 2

Java started with the simple idea of ​​WORA (“write once run anywhere”), but over time Java actually started to run everywhere.

It’s worth learning this language to build robust, scalable server applications. Java can be used to build projects of any complexity: it has the necessary tools, technologies, and a community ready to help.

Why learn Java? With it, you can only focus on application design and code structure. You don’t have to worry about system-specific details and memory management. The JVM will handle this.

If you decide to learn Java, I can recommend starting with a good course on Udemy – The Complete Java Master Class… It discusses in sufficient detail all the necessary concepts of the language.

By the way, if you want more options and don’t mind free courses, you can view this list. Free Java Courses for Beginners…

Java is used by major organizations such as banks and insurance companies, and applications for Android are written in this language.

2. Python

Python is the most widely studied language in schools and colleges around the world. In the US, Python is the language of choice for starting learning programming. In this regard, he pushed Java in many university courses. What will learning Python give you? Much.

5 programming languages ​​every developer should master 3
5 programming languages ​​every developer should master 3

Python it is a language that can act both as a scripting language and as an object-oriented language suitable for a large project.

Many popular sites, including Reddit, are built on Python frameworks like Django. Lately, many large organizations are also moving to Python-based frameworks.

The language is increasingly being used for next-generation technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science. Undoubtedly, this is due to the presence wonderful libraries for machine learning like TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, etc.

Personally, I use Python to write scripts: it is very useful when you need to do something quickly. For example, in Python you can write a UDP message listener in five minutes, but in Java it takes 20 minutes, not including compilation and packaging.

If you are interested in learning Python then The Complete Python BootCamp will be an excellent initial course.

By the way, if you want more options and don’t mind free resources, you can check out this list. Free Python Courses for beginners.

Also, if you are hesitant and unsure whether to start with Java or Python, take a look at this comparative infographics…

3. JavaScript

In this list, you can replace Java with C ++ and Python with Ruby, but today you cannot replace JavaScript with anything. JavaScript has dominated the world for the past five years.

5 programming languages ​​every developer should master 4
5 programming languages ​​every developer should master 4

It is no longer just a frontend scripting language. Thanks to frameworks and libraries like Node JS, Angular and React, you can use JavaScript for both backend and user interface development.

JavaScript owes some of its overwhelming success to jQuery, a library that completely changed the way JavaScript is used in the front-end.

Since I am a Java programmer working on a JSP and Servlet based application, I had a tremendous amount of opportunity to use both jQuery and JavaScript.

Knowledge of this language helped us decide which function should be implemented on the server side and which can be handled on the client side. For example, many of the checks we did on the server side have been moved to the client side.

If you want to learn JavaScript from scratch to the very depths, then the best online course for you is The Complete JavaScript on Udemy.

And if you want more choice and don’t mind free resources, then you should also check out this list. free JavaScript courses for web developers.

4. Language C

You can’t be a real programmer and not know C or C ++. It is said loudly, but I say this based on my many years of experience.


This is one of those languages ​​that you should definitely know. I studied C while attending college and became familiar with many key programming concepts, such as structure, array, pointers, memory management, and so on.

C is still the preferred language in systems programming, and has also been a serious competitor to Java for the past two years.

5 programming languages ​​every developer should master 5
5 programming languages ​​every developer should master 5

If you want to learn this beautiful language, then a good place to start is C Programming for Beginners…

C is also one of the oldest languages, having survived for over 4 decades.

By the way, if you want to learn C ++ instead of C, that’s also a good thing, as they are quite similar and allow you to write low-level code for systems and drivers.

Due to its high performance, it is also one of the most important languages ​​for game developers.

If you want to create games and learn C ++, then one of the best courses for you would be The Unreal Engine Developer Course – Learn C ++ & Make Games… It’s amazing, and you’ll learn more by developing games than any other way of learning.

Also if you want to learn C ++ you can use my list free C ++ courses for beginners.

5. Scala

Scala is a language that builds on the best practices of the last 20 years. It is also a functional programming language, which means that its proposed paradigm differs from object-oriented programming. It can improve your way of thinking and your sense of code.

5 programming languages ​​every developer should master 6
5 programming languages ​​every developer should master 6

Although there are many functional programming languages, such as Haskell, I chose Scala because, as a Java developer, I find it easier to learn than Haskell.

Some might take this as a challenge and learn Haskell as well, but from a practical point of view, learning Scala is more suitable for Java developers.

And for C ++ programmers, it seems to me, Haskell is more suitable. Honestly, you can choose any functional programming language, but opt ​​for one that is in commercial demand.

As a professional developer, I prefer to devote my time to something that can be useful in my career. If you want to learn Scala, then the course is a good start.Beginning Scala Programming…

But no matter how many programming languages ​​you know, as a professional programmer, you should follow the principles outlined in the book “Clean Code”. This skill will help you the most in your career.

That’s it for five languages ​​every developer should learn. Some might point out that these are five languages ​​every Java developer should learn, and they would be right.

I believe that learning languages ​​that offer different paradigms is the best way to improve your programming skills and get started with everyday tasks more effectively.

Ideally, a programmer’s “gentleman’s kit” should include:

  • one language close to the system ones, for example, C or C ++,
  • one object oriented like Java, Python or C ++,
  • one functional like Scala or Haskell,
  • one powerful scripting like Perl, Python or Ruby,
  • and plus all of them – JavaScript. Yes, there is no replacement for him.

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