10 best programming languages ​​for machine learning

In January 2019, a service for hosting IT projects and their joint development Github has published a ranking of the most popular programming languages ​​used for machine learning(MO). The list is based on the number of repositories whose authors indicate that their applications use MO algorithms.

C Programming Language, 2nd Edition

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10 best programming languages ​​for machine learning
10 best programming languages ​​for machine learning

Python and C ++ are most often used to develop programs based on machine learning algorithms.

1. Python

GitHub named Python as the most popular programming language among developers of MO programs in many ways for a set of pre-configured tools for implementing MO models and algorithms. Thanks to this, programmers can use Python to implement machine learning without deep knowledge in it and creating, for example,chat bots from scratch.

This became possible after the release of the well-documented Scikit-Learn library, which provides a large number of machine learning algorithms. Also noted is the presence of the ChatterBot library, designed for speech processing and training on datasets in dialog format.

2. C ++

C ++ ranked second among the programming languages ​​used by GitHub users for machine learning. The high position is due to the creation of the MO library Google TensorFlow with emphasis on neural networks… Although the majority of developers and researchers who use TensorFlow work in Python, it is sometimes necessary to abandon this scheme. For example, when you need to use a trained model in a mobile application, or robot…

In addition, the popularity of C ++ on GitHub is due to the development of a distributed high-performance gradient boosting platform. Microsoft LightGBM (increases the speed and efficiency of ML model learning) and Turi Create libraries (simplifies the development of custom machine learning models for novice developers).

3. JavaScript

JavaScript closed the top three in the GitHub ranking. It has a WYSIWYG editor that lets you create machine learning models by simply dragging and dropping objects. JavaScript also benefited from the rankings project ml5.js, which aims to make machine learning usable by artists and non-technical students by offering access to machine learning algorithms and models in the browser.

4. Java

Such a popular project as Smile (Statistical Machine Intelligence and Learning Engine) was created in Java. It is a fast, comprehensive system designed to implement machine learning, NLP, linear algebra, graph, interpolation and visualization in Java and Scala.

Another popular GitHub repository where code is written in Java is H20. This machine learning library is designed for both local computing and using clusters created directly using H2O or working on a cluster Spark and Hadoop…

10 best programming languages ​​for machine learning
10 best programming languages ​​for machine learning

With access to libraries, it is not that hard to develop ML-based programs in any programming language


One of the most popular ML projects written in C # on GitHub is ML Agents. This open source plug-in for the Unity game engine allows games and simulated spaces to act as training environments for intelligent agents.

6. Julia

The most popular projects here are MachineLearning.jl, MLKernels.jl, and LightML.jl.

7. Shell

In this programming language, it is worth noting the Dl-machine scripts designed to configure the GPU for computations using CUDA with deep learning libraries.


The R programming language is popular in ML projects due to its large community and data analysis libraries.

9. TypeScript

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, which means that any JS code is correct from a TypeScript point of view. However, TypeScript has some additional capabilities that are not included in JavaScript.

10. Scala

There are several repositories on GitHub to help popularize Scala. Among them is Microsoft Machine Learning for Apache Spark.

Modern Programming Languages: A Practical Introduction

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